Gates Family of Pennsylvania
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June 2004

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Photo Albums for the  Gates Families

The photos contained in these pages have been organised according to the family to which they below, except in the case of the *Group Photos*, which have been assembled according to the year of the Reunion in which they were taken. Eventually, we will have to reorganise to include sub-family groups, as the families mature and have families of their own In some instances, photos may be duplicated between family members, as it is a close-knit family. We make no apologies for the duplications. 

Hobart and Mildred    
Hobie and Barbara Marvin and Ethel Reatha and Louis
Keith and Lois Jay and Laura Alvin and Sue
Adrienne Audrey and Walt Marce and Bob
Charles and Sue Edie and Joe Natalie and Jim
Reunion 1997 Reunion 1998 Reunion 1999
Reunion 2000 Mildred's 99th Birthday
11 Jul 2000