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1998 Family Reunion Photo Album
Hobart and Mildred Gates Family

These photos of the 1998 Family Reunion, which was held the The Pancake Fire House in Washington, PA,  have been provided by Natalie's daughter, Patti Valauri.
(Hopefully I have identified them correctly!)

mgm.jpg (31844 bytes)

Adrienne and Reatha with Mildred

mgm and sibilings.jpg (136224 bytes)

Mildred with her Children

Back Row - Alvin, Keith, Jay
Middle Row - Edie, Marcelene, Natalie, Marvin
Front Row - Adrienne, Mildred, Reatha

hobart.jpg (76603 bytes)

Hobie Jr *Bud's* Family

marvin.jpg (127631 bytes)

Marvin's Family

keith.jpg (108221 bytes)

Keith's Family

jay.jpg (128850 bytes)

Jay's Family

marce.jpg (143162 bytes)

Marcelene's Family

edie.jpg (104121 bytes)

Edie's Family

natalie.jpg (187498 bytes)

Natalie's Family

reatha, adie, alvin.jpg (209374 bytes)

Adrienne, Alvin, Sue and Reatha with Mildred

jay, nikki, loren.jpg (50414 bytes)

Jay with Granddaughter, Nikki, Great Granddaughter, Loren and mother, Mildred