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June 2004

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8th Annual Family Reunion
26 June 2004

  • The organisers of this year's reunion are:

    George Gates (President), Patti Valauri (Vice President), Jay Gates Family (Treasurer), Adrienne Gates (Secretary) and Kimberly Christopher (Assistant Secretary)

  • The *theme* will be Summer Fun.

  • King & Queen will be Jay and Marcelene

  • There will be a raffle of the 3-set pictures of Granddad and Grandma

  • As in previous years, the families are split into 4 Groups, with each group responsible for a particular aspect of the gathering. This year's assignments are:

    Group 1 (Reatha, Marcelene, Alvin) - Desserts/Clean Up

    Group 2 (Keith, Marvin, Adrienne) - Vegetables

    Group 3 (Edie, Natalie, Charles)
    - Salads/Set Up

    Group 4 (Hobie, Jay, Audrey)- Meat/Main Dish

  • Please note, due to the amount of food that goes to waste each year, it has been voted to do away with the provision of the hotdog Supper. Instead, those in charge of Meats/Main Dishes will decide amongst themselves what the meat will be.

  • This year's  annual Reunion will Saturday, 26 June 2004 at a New Venue of Bucket Hill Resort (Formerly Salt Fork Resorts): 74978 Broadhead Road, Kimbolton, OH 34749 
    (Location Map  and directions can be obtained from

  • Local Motels/Contacts

    Holiday Inn 1-800-465-4329
    New Philadelphia/Cambridge

    Days Inn 1-800-329-7566
    New Philadelphia/Cambridge

    Hampton Inn 1-800-426-7866

    Super 8 1-800-800-8000

  • We hope to see you there.