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Welcome to the Gates Family of  Pennsylvania Web Site

  • This site is under constant revision and development as the information relating to the family is provided by the family members. The site is dedicated to the memories of Hobart Jacob Gates and his loving, wife Mildred Pearl Myer.

  • Hobart and Mildred eloped in Jan 1917. Together they produced 13 children, raising 12 of them into adulthood.

  • The Family Link on the left provides a link to a GED4 Family Tree for all the current family members. A lot of information missing,
    however we are finding additional links and new family members all the time.

  • Hobart, sadly, died in November 1986, but Mildred celebrated her 100th birthday 11 July 2001. She finally re-joined her beloved husband on 16 February 2002.

  • Each year the family holds a Family Reunion, where those who can attend, gather and catch up on the family news. This one will be held on 26 June 2004 in Kimbolton OH, and the next one is planned for 25 June 2005 in Astabula Co OH. 

  • Each year we hear from people around the world who are related to our ever-expanding, extended family. These contacts bring us great pleasure.