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 Mildred Gates 99th Birthday Celebration
11 July 2000

This is for those of you who could not attend Grandma's 99th birthday celebrations this week. As you may or may not know, Grandma had hip replacement surgery on Saturday, 1 July 2000. I'd say that from the looks of these, she's doing very well, indeed!

grandma.jpg (30623 bytes)

The Birthday Girl! Mildred

b-day cake.jpg (47661 bytes)

The Birthday Cake

presents.jpg (54278 bytes)

The Presents

grandma and her kids.jpg (32236 bytes)

Mildred with her  Guests (1)

grandma and her kids +2.jpg (58461 bytes)

Mildred with her Guests (2)

adie sticking her tongue out.jpg (29282 bytes)

Adrienne (sticking out her tongue)

anthony waiting.jpg (42867 bytes)

Patti's husband, Anthony (waiting patiently!)

aunt marce.jpg (49417 bytes)


charles.jpg (37061 bytes)


checking out the cake.jpg (56089 bytes)

Mildred checking out the cake

edie and company.jpg (47997 bytes)


ethal.jpg (24141 bytes)


jay and laura.jpg (49935 bytes)

Jay & Laura

marvin.jpg (38206 bytes)


mom and grandmom.jpg (48549 bytes)

Natalie with Mildred

mom laura and pt therapist.jpg (51534 bytes)

Natalie & Laura with PT Therapist


nat edie ethal.jpg (56479 bytes)

Natalie, Edie and Ethel

new outfit.jpg (52868 bytes)

Mildred's new Outfit

nurses station.jpg (49782 bytes)

The nurses who help look after Mildred

patti.jpg (25446 bytes)