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1997 Family Reunion Photo Album
Hobart and Mildred Gates Family

These photos of the 1997 Family Reunion, which was held the The Pancake Fire House in Washington, PA,  have been provided by Natalie's daughter, Patti Valauri.
(Hopefully I have identified them correctly!)

mgm and siblings.jpg (190320 bytes)

Mildred with her Children
Back Row - Alvin, Natalie, Keith, Jay
Middle Row - Adrienne, Audrey, Reatha, Edie
Front Row - Marcelene, Mildred, Hobie, Marvin

(Charles is missing)

mgm and sib's and spouses.jpg (194145 bytes)

Mildred with her children and their spouses

Back Row - Sue, Alvin, Natalie, Keith, Laura, Jay
Middle Row - Adrienne, Audrey, Reatha, Edie, Lois, Ethel
Front Row - Bob, Marcelene, Mildred, Hobie, Marvin, Walt

110 people group pic.jpg (165153 bytes)

The entire family
(110 people)

adie with con.jpg (118135 bytes)

Adrienne eating corn on the cob

adrienne.jpg (109737 bytes)

Adrienne with a very big grin

hobart.jpg (126980 bytes)

Hobie with his Family

marvin.jpg (149686 bytes)

Marvin with his Family

reatha.jpg (147554 bytes)

Reatha with her Family

keith.jpg (116567 bytes)

Keith with his Family

jay.jpg (137001 bytes)

Jay with his Family

alvin.jpg (136522 bytes)

Alvin and Sue

audrey's family.jpg (214934 bytes)

Audrey with her Family

marcelene.jpg (126728 bytes)

Marcelene with her Family

edie.jpg (140552 bytes)

Edie with her Family

natalie.jpg (144994 bytes)

Natalie with her Family

grandkids 2.jpg (126592 bytes)

Great Grandchildren

grandkids 3.jpg (115346 bytes)

More Great Grandchildren

greatgrand kids.jpg (150788 bytes)

And More Great Grandchildren

jon and marvin.jpg (93537 bytes)

Marvin's sons,  Jon and David

uncle marvin.jpg (87019 bytes)

Marvin at Reunions!

Robert Blake.jpg (132182 bytes)

Marvin's son-in-law Blake Grove

kevin and jennifer.jpg (72632 bytes)

Marvin's grandson Kevin with Jennifer and Mildred