Gates Family of Pennsylvania
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June 2004

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Photo Album
Jay Glen Gates Family

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Jay and Laura
(Jun 1961)

Jay, Hobie, Eugene and George
(Oct 1958)

George, Cathy, Jay Jr and Ed- Hobie or Charles took photo
(Oct 1960)

Cathy Grace Gates
(Aug 1959)

Audrey's Family At Jay's
(Summer 1960)

George, Hobie and Eugene - taken by Jay Jr.
(May 1963)

jay97.jpg (137001 bytes)

The Family @ Reunion 1997

jay98.jpg (128850 bytes)

The Family @ Reunion 1998

jay, nikki, loren98.jpg (50414 bytes)

Jay with Mildred, Nikki & Loren

jay99.jpg (181384 bytes)

The Family @ Reunion 1999


jaygroup2000.jpg (43169 bytes)

The Family @ Reunion 2000

JayFam2000.jpg (32952 bytes)

Jay's Family around the tables
26 June 2000