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June 2004

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Cookbook (1999) Edition
Shortcuts and Hints:

  • When making gelatin, stir the powder and hot liquid with a slotted spoon. This keeps clumps of powder from sticking to the side of the dish. (Also works with any gravy, rue, etc.)

  • Store toothpicks in an empty spice bottle with a shake top and screw-on lid. It's easy to remove the lid and gently shake out a toothpick through the holes when you need one. They're always clean and handy.

  • To keep potatoes from sprouting before you can use them, put an apple in the bag of potatoes.

  • Adding a marshmallow to the top of each cupcake during the last two minutes of baking makes a quick frosting.

  • Slicing meat is easier if you freeze it first for about an hour.

  • Adding a sheet of tinfoil under the napkin in your breadbasket keeps the bread warm longer.

  • Pretzel stick are a nice alternative to toothpicks for spearing meatball appetizers.